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"dont mention the h word" SAME

Grimmy about how he cooked dinner for his “friend” Harry Styles

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Grimmy’s Late Night Baking Adventures — featuring a friend coming over who doesn’t bring eggs, an altered recipe and too much oil and butter (including bonus topping and lube/butter innuendo).


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Nick:"Quiche happened last summer when me and my friend went to the shop near me. And they had quiche on a regular price or quiche on at a reduced price, right? So they said 'What do you want, do you want the regular quiche which is £2/slice, or do you want this one, which has gone off but we'll do it for 1.50.' I was like, what? I was like, I'll have the expensive one. And since then that has been our code word for expensive things."
Scott:"But it's not the same as the meaning in the [?] show?"
Nick:"No, but I had to ask that person if they had told the world about quiche and they were like 'no, I thought you had!'"
Scott:"Oh is this a famous? Is it a famous that started the word quiche with you?"
Nick:"..... Yes."
Chris:"I wonder who!"
Scott:"I wonder who it could be!"
Nick:"It was Chris Lilley... No, it wasn't."
Scott:"Okay, so you think that Harry may have told Chris Lilley about quiche."
Nick:"Well, he says he didn't cause I actually texted him on the way here going 'did you tell the world about quiche' and he said 'No I saw it on Twitter, I thought that you told people, maybe on the radio'."
[clip plays]
Nick:"We made quiche! WE MADE QUICHE! If something was expensive or someone was showing off, they'd be like 'Oh my car was this much,' we'd be like 'Okay chill out, quiche.' I'm going to take it to court!"
(Scott Mills show, BBC Radio 1 - Feb 6 2014)
Grimmy:I imagine you have a lavender scented one (eyemask)
Finchy:Actually, my girlfriend has one that's lavender scented...and I borrowed it once. It was quite nice.
Grimmy:Did you take that on your lads holiday? 'Guys! Relax! Pass me the lavender scented eyemask.'


my personal favorite bits from the intros of the free downloads of the best bits of the radio one breakfast show with nick grimshaw (7.25min) 

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Nick:Can we just talk about what is happening on the show this week. It's a big week. I feel a bit nervous.
Fiona:You're going to have to shower every morning this week.
Nick:Oh for god sakes.
Fiona:You're going to have to put on a nice t-shirt. None of this holes in your t-shirt and in your ass.
Nick:There's no holes in the t-shirt?
Fiona:Those jeans you've got on today you can see your ass cheek.
Nick:I didn't realize they had a hole in the backside. You can't see anything.
Fiona:You can see your ass cheek.
Matt:Yeah you can. Sit down.
Fiona:Have you got pants on?
Nick:I have got pants on.
Fiona:Good. You've got to have pants on everyday this week.
Nick :I always wear pants!
Fiona:Well with your crazy lifestyle.
Nick:I don't know what you're talking about. Do you always wear pants?
Fiona:Yes I always wear pants.
Nick:Who doesn't wear pants?
Fiona:With your hectic lifestyle sometimes you might not have a clean pair.
Nick:I always have clean pants Fiona!
Matt:Anyway Denzel Washington is on the show this week.